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The firm of Duregon and Civiero, artistic cabinet makers, emerged from the Francesco Conz artistic workshops.

Though collectively owned at first, during the course of the 1980s, the company became a family firm as Michele and Luca joined their father’s business.

“Even when I was very young I felt drawn to the world that was opening up before me. The chance to paint and make things from wood only increased my desire to try out all the ideas I had in my head, and I loved it. So thanks to the passion my teacher managed to transmit to me, at a tender age, I threw myself headlong into an adventure that is drawing me in still deeper thirty years on.”

Creating new environments - kitchens and complements - is still our core work today, but over the years, technology has become essential. Our job now demands artistic and technical skills as well as craftsmanship.

This is the job we love.