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Material reinterpreted and a unique style in which functionality and the pursuit of beauty come together to create a kitchen with great visual impact. The ceramic marble cladding fits like a second skin. Every functional element such as the hood and hub disappear to emphasise the style choices and full shapes. The uninterrupted surface of the worktop and perfect integration between top, sink and hub guarantee a sophisticated refined design.

A broader surface area, unbroken and free of discontinuities.














Elegant details.


















Detail of worktop with an integrated handle-less.

An unbroken top surface, with perfect integration between sink and worktop.
Glossy surfaces, elegant details, and fine veins all contribute to increasing the perceived value of any environment, respecting and enhancing the stylistic choices of the designer and the wishes of the client.


Induction cooking integrated on the worktop.




Retractable hood.

Tailored like a second skin.


Glossy surfaces, elegant details, and fine veins.

Detail of drawers.