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A unique environment that merges the kitchen and living spaces for a 360° home experience. The combinations of materials and volumes interpret the space with flow and harmony. The wood is sourced from beams from restored Veneto farmhouses, symbolising this land, its history and its tradition, balanced with the most modern materials and contemporary lines. The result is a sophisticated and personalised space with the chromatic variations of the Eco-Cement door finish.


White veneered structure, T06 doors Barazza stainless steel worktop, welded LAB hob and sink. Eco-Cement nish doors available in 3 shades (powder, shadow, light).

Kitchen and living space are united and open, with liquid lacquered metal shelving.

Coplanar wall units in Eco-Cement version with powder grey finish, containing shelves with matt white lacquer partitioning and coplanar sliding opening. Single remote controlled LED.

Sophisticated and harmonious interpenetration of volumes and natural materials.
Coplanar wall units in antique wood, Eco-Cement finish bases and peninsula with cantilevered worktop.



























Single Barazza stainless steel worktop
with welded hob and sink area.



























Detail of wall unit with antique wood frame and Eco-Cement version with powder grey finish.














Detail of bookcase with liquid metal finish.














Detail of groove in the T06 door.