"When you buy something from an artisan you are not buying a mere object, you are buying hundreds of hours, of experiments, failures and trials, you are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You're not buying an object, you're buying a moment in someone else's life, you're buying from the craftsman the time spent making what is his passion and your pleasure."

Francis Conz


Fabrika Italy Design

From an artery of the art workshop Francesco Conz
Duregon and Civiero generic artistic carpentry was born. During the 1980s, Michele and Luca joined the company, working alongside their father in his business.

“While still a child I quickly found a connection with the world that opened up before me. Painting, making wooden constructions, made my desire to experiment with everything in my head grow, and I loved doing it. It was then that I threw myself headlong into the adventure that so many years later involves me more and more, thanks to that bond that my mentor was able to hold and pass on to me.”

To this day, art, creativity and the ability to find appropriate solutions are the aspects that keep the passion for this craft alive. The kitchen is a place of creativity, conviviality and life, and this concept is the common thread of our projects.
Thanks to our experience
we can call ourselves an artisan company, Tailoring, extremely versatile
and constantly searching for high-end materials, hardware and finishes.
Because quality is our strength.
The approach we have given to our company over the years has made it possible to. That “tailor-made” has become the production standard for us. We approach each project as a challenge, and we believe that no challenge is impossible, we just have to meet it with the right amount of ingenuity and technique while respecting what the client’s requirements are and the limits that only nature imposes on us.
We are a multifunctional and flexible company that works to create tailor-made projects, following all stages, step by step, thanks to our
360-degree service.

Creating environments, kitchens and complements
combine art, technique and ingenuity
is our business
is what we like to do|


We study each space to the centimeter to provide
the best tailor-made customization to the client
, avoiding buffer strips where possible and making the most of spaces to make them functional and usable.
The drawers and doors are designed with state-of-the-art G*GRASS runner and sorting systems, and in addition, all base, wall, and tall units are fully demountable as they are
assembled with a special system of joints

We provide the option to choose from RAL – NCS color ranges or even according to the customer’s color sample.
Our frames can be made from a variety of materials: water-repellent melamine faced, veneered planking, lacquered, and white laminated birch plywood. Our doors measure mostly 25 mm thick and are available in all wood species, always made with a blockboard frame. Our products are made especially for you and age with you, lasting over time without ever letting you down.

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