We are a company specializing in the design, design consultation and processing of high-quality furniture. Our mission is to offer innovative and customized furniture solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional needs of each customer.

Customizing kitchens

Each kitchen comes from a project developed in synergy with the customer’s needs. The projects we develop are constantly aimed at finding one-of-a-kind solutions, worked out with millimeter precision, created with the finest materials and the most innovative processes.

Furniture processing

Custom work does not only mean making intermediate sizes and particular colors. For us, it means building a piece of furniture based on the real needs of the customer. Shapes colors and sizes, for Fabrika everything is possible if we can, at the same time, guarantee the quality and stability of the object we make.

Design consulting

Unique, exclusive environments designed in collaboration with interior decorators, designers and architects who share the same concept: to put the person at the center, to make an environment become an essential part of living.


We are a team that interprets your needs, people with the ability to transform your space and universe into personalized environments in which you can recognize yourself, which become a fundamental part of your existence and an expression of your personality.

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